One-On-One Coaching with Bryan Mineo

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Swimming is arguably the most difficult and at times the most frustrating discipline of triathlon. As a sport, it totes an incredibly technical prowess. Swimming recruits nearly every muscle in the body while moving through a dense, resistant foreign matter (water) with your body laying horizontally. {Insert land-based mammal shriek of fear!} With that said, it seems easy to understand that there is massive room for error in the mechanics of swimming. Unfortunately the learning curve can be steep and there is a significant disconnect between what you feel like while swimming and what you look like while swimming. Swimming is anything but intuitive.

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Through my own training for marathon open water swims I've learned that you can't "fake it 'til you make it" or employ the outdated swim ethics that "longer, harder sets will make you better/faster." Swimming requires a trained eye to analyze your unique stroke technique and provide immediate feedback.

Mineo Athletics offers one-on-one sessions that are comprised of stroke analysis using video in real-time, uniquely-tailored swim drills and detailed feedback/reiteration of the finer points via email. Once the swimmer has developed some key fundamentals with their stroke, these skills are then applied to speed work and open water tactics to produce unparalleled results.

Find your perfect stroke with us!