Chef Amber Caudle is the creator and owner of The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach, which is a unique artisanal cafe focused on fresh, healthy nutrition. Amber’s career began at 14, spinning cotton candy in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After college, she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to begin culinary training and fell in love with the simplicity and passion of Southern Italian cuisine. Amber ultimately moved to Hermosa Beach, California to be the executive chef at his new restaurant, Mediterraneo. Amber cooked, studied in Sorrento Italy and cultivated a deep love for travel and an intricate appreciation for local cuisine. In San Sebastian, Spain, she was enchanted again, this time by Basque food and culture. Returning to Mediterraneo, she discovered the deep healing powers of food.

Today’s conversation goes deep into the roots of Amber’s culinary vision, from small town southern girl to LA culinary maven. Amber talks about the humility of facing her fears and how she found the courage to pursue her dreams. Amber’s sweetness is contagious and her story is truly something for everyone.


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The Source Cafe

“Healing” by David Elliott (Amazon link)

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