Welcome to the SMOGCAST! Thank you so much for your support from the start. In short, SMOG is an open water community comprised of all walks of life, from people overcoming fear to Olympic gold medalist. The inception of this podcast was solely inspired by the people of the SMOG community; each with a unique story to tell. The SMOGCAST highlights distinct stories of overcoming fear, personal growth through ocean swimming and the one of a kind SMOG community surrounding it.

Growing up in the Texas heat, Bryan eagerly spent endless hours in the pool. Although competitive swimming was an interest, Bryan was more drawn to the experiential element of being in the water. After humbly realizing he had a significant fear of the open water, Bryan set out to conquer this fear and build a supportive community to help others do the same.

Bryan's first open water group, The Swim Mechanic Ocean Group (SMOG) was launched nearly 10 years ago in Texas. SMOG has since expanded to almost 2,000 members across locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. A true creative, Bryan's passions on land include collecting records, playing drums, and hiking with his Great Dane, Joey. Currently Bryan is having a blast training and racing swimrun races. 


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