Local to San Diego, Dan Simonelli is an awarded and experienced ultra marathon swimmer, husband, father, and coach. He swam the English Channel, multiple Catalina Channel crossings, and numerous other marathon swim crossings around the world. His business, The Open Water Swim Academy offers coaching and mentoring for both competitive and non competitive swimmers, all with the joy of open water swimming at the forefront.

Our chat goes deep into the value of finding the “why” when pursuing ultra endurance events, as well as the mental devices he’s utilized to get him through some of the most difficult swims in the world. Dan also shares his personal story, including his most recent journey beating cancer and coaching his daughter through her first big open water swim. Enjoy it, guys!


Open Water Swim Academy www.openwaterswimacademy.com

Catalina Channel Association http://swimcatalina.org

Channel Swimming Association www.channelswimmingassociation.com

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